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Hello and welcome to Forest Grove Farm! Established in 1883, when my great, great, great grandfather purchased the farm on the county seats court house steps at auction, from the original owner.  The land was part of what was known as the Virginia Military Plat and was used by the U.S. Government as payment to soldiers who served in the Revolutionary War.  The original deed was signed in 1803 by three notable founding fathers; Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe.  Two families only have owned this land and it is my desire to tell this story and give color to the rich history of the farm through a series of children’s books titled “Going to the Farm”.

            The first book is an introduction, “Going to the Farm”, “A Visit With Grandma and Grandpa”.  The story is told through the eyes of a ten year old boy and is based on my experiences as a young boy and my summer long visits to the farm.  Future stories will be told in the same manner and will bring forward how the land came to be homesteaded, changes in agriculture, it being a station of the underground railroad during the civil war, respect for others, work and the importance of faith and trust in God.  The history of the farm spans over 200 years. Today Forest Grove Farm continues to operate producing corn and soybean crops.

            I hope you, your children and/or grandchildren enjoy the book!


Gary A. Kughn 

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